DaVinci 18 Inch Necklace

DaVinci 18 Inch Necklace

Pick your favorite accessory and adorn it with the beads of your choice. Choose from three different stlyes of bracelets, two different necklaces, earrings, or keychain. Your Davinci Beads are interchangeable so they can be moved from one accessory to another. Personalize your jewelry to match your mood, your outfit, or simply create something sentimental to remind you of your loved ones. You will love all the variety Davinci Beads offers. This one-of-a-kind DaVinci inspired European story bracelet was designed especially for that special someone who loves a style all her own and who will be thrilled at the chance to add additional beads.

Price includes bracelet and beads shown. Before ordering your bracelet, you will need to determine your size. Start by using a flexible measuring tape to measure around your wrist where your bracelet is likely to be worn. Because your DaVinci beads will need space, add approximately 1 inch to the measurement. That is the correct bracelet length. This should serve as a guide, but some women prefer their bracelets to be looser or tighter. The more beads you add or plan on adding, the longer the bracelet will need to be. For most women with a complete bracelet, the 1 inch guideline works very well.

What are DaVinci Beads?

DaVinci Beads are high quality European charm beads that can be used on a bracelet or necklace to create unique and fashionable personalized jewelry. DaVinci Beads were designed to bring affordability to the European, high-end style charm bead market that has been out of reach for many. With over 200 beads and growing you are sure to find a combination that you will enjoy wearing.

Are DaVinci Beads compatible with other styles of European Charm Beads?

Yes! DaVinci beads were designed to be compatible with all styles of European bead charms including Pandora, Biagi, Troll Beads, and Chamilia among others. DaVinci beads are non-threaded so they can slide on among nearly any other style of beads you may already own. Because of the quality of workmanship of DaVinci Beads, you can be confident that they will look great.

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