One Dat, Two Dat, Are You A Who Dat?

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About the book

“One Dat, Two Dat, Are You A Who Dat?”  This is a story for all ages about a little man named “Fan…Fan I Am”. He is a lovable character who all of his life has wanted to become a true member of the Who Dat Nation. On his journey “all across the Who Dat Nation”, he runs into over the top New Orleans Saints fans who question whether or not he is worthy to become a Who Dat. At the end of the questioning from all of these characters, they determine that he in fact is worthy. Come take this Seusslike journey with Fan I am. See whether or not you are worthy of being a Who Dat. This book is a MUST for any TRUE New Orleans Saints Fan, regardless of their age.

About the Author

Cornell P. Landry graduated from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans with a degree in Business Administration. He works in the Television and Film Industry and resides in Greater New Orleans with his wife, Christen, and two beautiful daughters, Bailey and Corinne. They prompted him to create this little gem of a book about the city he adores. Louis J. Schmitt is a professional designer and artist who lives in Greater New Orleans with his wife, Kay, and two fabulous daughters, Marissa and Rachel. They are his inspiration for creativity.
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