Louisiana Fiberglass Sugar Kettle

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Louisiana Fiberglass Sugar Kettle

Jesuit priests brought sugarcane into south Louisiana in 1751.  After some experimenting with growing sugarcane, a thriving sugar industry was born in Louisiana that continues today.

Sugar Kettles were utilized in the production of sugar.  They were essential to the production of sugar.  While there were different sizes of kettles for use depending on the stage and type of operation; they were all primarily the same shape.  The Sugar Kettle was born out of necessity and found on the Louisiana sugar plantations.  These Kettles were also used for cooking on the plantations, as meals were prepared for large numbers of people.  Made of cast iron, the Kettles were very durable and versatile.

Today, the Historic Sugar Kettle is not used in the production of sugar; however, they can be used in many other ways.  The Sugar Kettle is used as a container planter, a water garden as well as lawn or estate ornaments.  Water fountains are also a common use for the infamous Kettle.  With a creative mind, the possibilities are endless with these Sugar Kettles because of the versatility they offer.

Maison Decor has the largest selection of Louisiana Style Fiberglass Sugar Kettles in the area.  The kettles are offered in a variety of sizes to better suit your needs…2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′, and are finished in classic black.
Sugar Kettles make great water gardens, planters, fish bowls, fountains, or anything your imagination can dream up!

2 FT $200  13″H / 15 LBS / 25 GAL

3 FT $300  15″H / 20 LBS / 66 GAL

4 FT $440  20″H / 30 LBS / 150 GAL

5 FT $650  23″H / 40 LBS / 280 GAL

6 FT $910  26″H/ 60 LBS/ 460 GAL

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