Benefits of Fountains

There are many ways owning a fountain can improve your aesthetics and quality of life, from the enhanced relaxation provided by the sound of gently flowing water, to the air cleaning capabilities fountains possess.

Living in the presence of a water fountain, whether an indoor fountain or an outdoor garden fountain, provides many benefits you may have never thought of. Think about it – our bodies are made mostly of water, and most countries that have bodies of water find some of their largest populations forming in coastal cities. Water is a way of life for all living things, and owning a water fountain allows you to experience the pleasures of water without getting wet (and without an expensive beach house!).

Consider where you commonly see fountains: Spas, Doctors’ offices, waiting areas of businesses, luxury resorts are just a few examples. Why is that? The sounds created by a water fountain are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Spa owners (and their clients) understand this phenomenon. Doctors do too, which is why they use them to diffuse the stress often associated with a waiting patient. Resorts and estate homes recognize fountains as symbols of grandeur and use them to instill a sense of wealth and tranquility. So take the doctors’ advice, and consider adding a fountain to your home or office.

The soothing sound of flowing water washes over you and allows you to unwind. Placing an indoor wall fountain in your home can provide that relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy all the time. You could be the most relaxed person your friends know! A table top fountain in your kitchen will have you easily creating the best meals ever, and you won’t be exhausted from all the cooking. Our indoor floor fountains work great in bedrooms to bring you closer to that deep sleep you need, as you fall into a slumber imagining you are resting by a splendid waterfall.

Adding an outdoor garden fountain to your patio, porch or outdoor living space will enhance your enjoyment of the area tremendously. No matter how beautiful and elaborate your area is, it will be exponentially improved with the addition of one of our many outdoor fountains. An outdoor wall fountain works great mounted on the wall of your screened porch, or even to the side of your home near your patio. A tiered garden fountain can be placed in or near your flower bed to add a luxurious touch and provide the calming sound of moving water. Our birdbath fountains will give your avian friends a great source of clean water, as the water movement a fountain provides will reduce the build-up of bacteria and algae in comparison to a standard birdbath. Bring home the one thing your garden area is missing – the sound of water.

Solar fountains are relatively new on the scene, and they give you the added benefit of placing them in many areas without having to worry about getting power to them. They are powered by a solar panel and do not require direct AC power. This makes them very energy efficient, giving you a great alternative with zero operating costs. All you have to do is place them somewhere they get some sun exposure. With their added portability, you could place them further out in your yard and create a relaxing sitting area.

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